The blingsider
perks are real

Tired of living that coin-counting, 2-minute noodles type of life? We hear you, fam! Moola ain’t easy to come by… Unless, of course, you’re living that bling life.

What’s that? Oh yeah, a side hustle opportunity that’ll earn you some major bank! Just sign up as a bling rep (aka ‘blingsider’) refer some leads and earn ZARs from the word ‘go’.

It’s mahala
to join

You can make major moola

Here’s why you should become a blingsider

Your friend gets bling cover and insures their phone for


Friend pays a premuim of


(pays for 6 months or more)

You earn


over 6 months

If you can sign up 20 people, you earn


over 6 months

If you can sign up 30 people, you earn


over 6 months

Biger network,
bigger bucks!

Create your own team of blingsiders

They earn ZARs = you earn ZARs

If 12 of your blingsiders refer 30 buddies each,


is yours!

Bling cover options

You have 3 options to choose from